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An inspiring article, originally prepared as a talk for the Boulder Gay Men’s Health Summit in 1999, first published in Genre magazine, March 2000

Sex workers can be and often are the first-line providers of care to the sexual health of men or who have sex with men, especially those who don’t identify as gay. The services provided by whores, escorts, and erotic masseurs begin with something that is often underrated in our culture: healing through pleasure. Inside every gay man are traces of a kid who’s been shamed, humiliated, silenced, or terrorized for being queer. For some people, going to a professional for sex is one way to gain permission to experience pleasure in our own bodies, which can be an amazingly powerful healing event.

Inspiration, Lifestyle, Tantra

HAPPY 2020!

A warm and loving 2020.

Might the divine masculine and divine feminine within you find its perfect harmony in this year to come. Bringing love, abundance, and assurance into your life.

Happy Tantric 2020!

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