Curse or Gift?

M2M is happy and excited to release the new 2022 online Master Class’ Empath – Curse or Gift.’

This master class is the start module of the entire M2M Tantra Healer Program. It is a complete empirical class based on Luis’ mystical and personal life experiences by living as an HSP and Hyper Empath along his journey. This program contains a handy compilation of facts, tips, and techniques that will help you deal with your HSP and Empathic condition effectively and enjoyably. 

This program will also help you recognize signs and patterns related to your self-development and life path, deal with toxic relationships, toxic environments, and protect yourself and your energy field from possible energetic or narcissistic attacks.

Some of the topics included within this class are:

1. HSP ft Empath

2. Empath ft Hyper-Empath

3. Empath ft Narcicistic

4. Hyper-Empath ft Psycho-Narcissistic 

5. Divine Masculine ft Divine Feminine

6. Embracing, balancing, and activating the divine feminine and masculine within

7. Mind, body, and spiritual concepts

8. Mind, body, and spiritual practices (grounding, balance, and alignment)

9. Working with unwanted energies (clearing, transmutation, and projection)

10. Tuning in with higher frequencies and enhancing your soul’s and spiritual connection.

You can expect a complete guide for finding your soul’s highest purpose, experiencing love, deep connection, and uncovering your true self.


M2M is happy to welcome all sensitive men between the age of 22 – 55. 

Unfortunately, due to the lack of information and awareness regarding this particular condition, men, many significantly younger, are being misdiagnosed and even over-medicated to provide them with a more “balanced” stay of being. In the worst-case scenarios, men resort to drugs, alcohol and even develop self-destructive habits to soot this internal struggle and suffering.

M2M has specially designed this class for this beautiful but also vulnerable target group. Also, for empaths and hyper-Empaths who might struggle with this condition or want to dive deeper into this topic. It will help men gain the correct information on dealing with this super-power instead of experiencing it as their worst nightmare.

This class is also accurate for therapists, yoga/meditation teachers, life/spiritual coaches, tantra practitioners, and healers who want to recognize, integrate and work with this condition as an empowerment tool for themselves, their clients and give a lift-up to their practices as well.

Some of the characteristics that will help you recognize or get an indication of you being an HSP or Empath are:

1. You are highly sensitive

2. You absorb other people’s feelings, emotions, and also physical conditions if you are on the hyper-empath side of the spectrum

3. You have a sense of introversion

4. You are highly intuitive

5. You love being with people but also need and appreciate your alone time

6. You might feel or become overwhelmed in intimate relationships

7. You sense you attract energy vampires

8. You replenish and recharge in nature

9. You have highly tuned senses

10. You recognize you have a huge heart, but sometimes you give too much, leading yourself to exhaustion and depletion.

If it resonates with you and your personal experiences, then this master class is meant for you!



ONLINE Master-Class 

Dates: 10 ,11,12 March 2022

Time: 10:00 – 17:00

Link: The link will be released one week before the event

Ecstantric Cacao Closing Ceremony:

Dates: 13 March 2022

Time: 10:00 – 13:00 

Link: The link will be released one week before the event


ON-SITE Master-Class 



  • The On-Site Master Class does not include overnight stay and travel costs. It includes drinks, snacks, and three organic/vegetarian meals during the training days.
  • M2M reserves the right of admission for this particular Master-Class. Your facilitator will be critical in the process of spotting, recognizing, and casting away any possible darkness or bad intentions within the groups. It is a susceptible target group, and it has to be managed with much love, care, and respect. 

I very much look forward to seeing you all in this beautiful, unique, and revealing class. I can’t wait to be exchanging with you all our life experiences as HSP’s, Empaths, healers, and why not, work towards your empowerment as a life/spiritual coach and lightworker.

Welcome to M2M!

Love & Fire,

Kai Luis


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