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Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine

‘M2M Collective Energy Update – March 2022′

Throughout my experiences as tarot, neo-tantra, shamanism and sacred sexuality practitioner, I had the opportunity to develop a high sensitivity for different sources and kinds of energy.

Some of these energies are more kind and subtle, which facilitates healing work, for example. Some others are more strong and direct, providing relevant information and guidance for stepping out of denial and keep working on our personal growth.

My divination and healing list tools are the true-black tarot, Rider Waite, The art of Love Tarot, Gay Tarot, Naipe Español, and several other shamanic oracle decks. All of them with a unique, incredible & powerful energy.

The combination of my sensitivity and the tools I implement during my practices provide me with the perfect recipe for facilitating my visitors a safe space for channeling, divination, guidance, and healing.

I happily invite you to learn the lessons from your past, incorporate them into your present and start working on a much more bounty future based on love, light, trust, self-empowerment, and awareness.

Welcome to M2M.

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